Blue VO! CE microphone technology gives you a choice of real-time voice filters to reduce noise, add compression and de-essing, and ensure that your voice sounds richer, cleaner, and more professional. Advanced features like Blue VO! Memory foam wrapped in premium leatherette or breathable velour give you lasting comfort. So you can play longer and harder, and focus on winning.

With a sturdy and lightweight frame constructed of aluminum and steel, PRO X is built for durability, comfort, and a premium aesthetic. Version 2. And most importantly, a new level of distance awareness differentiates between near field and far field audio, so your enemies location is pinpointed more than ever.

PRO-G features a unique hybrid mesh construction to deliver amazingly clear and precise sound imaging. Hear footsteps and environmental cues with breathtaking clarity, and get the competitive edge you need to win. Now, with 50 mm drivers, the next-gen PRO-G achieves even more accuracy across a wider frequency range, plus higher-fidelity bass response.

Use their profiles as-is, or fine tune to your ears. External USB sound card DAC delivers crystal-clear digital signal processing for tournament-level audio and voice communications. Featuring a PC cable with inline audio controls and a mobile cable with inline mic—so you can use PRO X with the boom mic detached. An included carrying bag protects the headset and accessories when you travel. PRO X joins a complete setup of gear developed in close collaboration with top esports pros.

With our most advanced tech and focused design, nothing gets in the way of winning. Logitech G is a global leader in esports and the gear of choice for pro players all over the world. Our team then extrapolates their needs to create the best pro-grade gear. Harness the power of Artificial Intelligence to deliver truly immersive sound experiences uniquely crafted for your ears. With Immerse, you hear the precise location of enemy footsteps and reload sounds; you have the advantage of hearing your enemies before they hear you.

The Close Combat feature brings you right into the action as you feel bullets whiz by. Bring the power of Immerse to your Logitech G headset and turn your ears into lethal weapons. Designed in collaboration with and for pros for advanced communications and precision audio. More on Blue VO! Download G Hub Now.

More on G HUB.

PRO Series. Shop PRO Series. Play To Win. Explore Teams and Players. Hear it First. Hear it All. Try or purchase a license from Embody website. Technical Specifications Headphone:. Pro Microphone:. Created with Snap. Buy from online retailers. Gaming Mouse.Right now, there are two software options to customize and set your Logitech gaming peripherals, which one is better?

Logitech Gaming Software has been around much longer and supports more devices, it has an older UI that has generally looked the same for years but it is definitely functional. G Hub currently only supports modern Logitech gaming devices and is in early access. The software allows you to configure settings for Logitech gaming devices like mice, keyboards and headsets.

Logitech Gaming Software lets you save profiles on-board,on-computer or with automatic game detection. With your profiles you can set what each mouse button does, you can choose to re-map to another mouse click, and keyboard stroke or a recorded macro.

You can pick colours from any of the With multiple devices, you can sync your colour settings across so your gaming setup has unified look. The battery tab gives you the option to select some pre-set lighting modes that are more battery friendly. Surface tuning optimizes your mouse for the mousepad or desk you have.

This will improve tracking and lift off distance. Logitech Gaming Software lets you store multiple surface profiles in case you travel with your mouse or switch up your surface regularly.

Using surface tuning is pretty easy, just hit add a new surface, name your surface and follow the wizard and drag your mouse until the software tunes the surface.

You can also try to set the mode of the Logitech Gaming Software. If you are ever having trouble keeping profile settings to stick do this:. Sometimes the file gets a little wonky and the software has trouble writing the settings to save. A fresh file usually fixes this issue. The major difference is that G Hub is laid out in a bit more of intuitive manner, going forward fromall Logitech devices will use Logitech G Hub.

logitech g hub or gaming software

G Hub also has a few extra features that are unrelated to setting up your mouse, it has OBS integration for streaming and Discord integrations. You can do everything you can do in the Logitech gaming software minus input analysis, there are new features in G Hub that allow you to download profiles from other Logitech users.

The main screen lets you see all your Logitech gaming devices as well as the ability to browse community made lighting and gaming profiles. Once clicked into a device, you can set lighting like can in Logitech Gaming Software.The Logitech gaming software and the Logitech G software both are used to modified functions.

To choose the best one out from this software for your PC, read entire article so that you can understand which one you should download. Logitech gaming software is a tools to use customized functions of G-series mouse, keyboard. Webcam and wheel, or Windows.

It can be installed Windows, Linux and Mac operating systems. We go with the features of Logitech gaming software first and then the Logitech G hub, then you can select which one is best for you.

Logitech gaming software lets you to customize programing button, lighting, DPI, profile, and patterns and more.

We found LGS is better here than the G hub in this battle. Logitech g hub is next generation beta version software of Logitech gaming devices, that you can run your windows as well as Mac. It has stylish unique UI. It has a poor performance compared to LGS, more bugs and lots of necessary features are missing. When you have many profiles added for one game, it becomes Impossible to delete one profile.

Also, sometimes computer G keys stops working when. We recommend you to try both this software which one is best for you. It depends on models you have. As I said earlier, Logitech G hub supports all latest models of Logitech gaming devices, if you have older models, you can go for LGS.

We cannot say which one is better for you because every devices has different features. Your email address will not be published. Save my name, email, and website in this browser for the next time I comment. Table of Contents. Leave a Reply Cancel reply Your email address will not be published.Logitech G HUB menyediakan sebuah portal untuk mengoptimalkan dan mengkustomisasi semua gear Logitech G milikmu yang didukung: mouse, keyboard, headset, speaker, dan webcam.

Konfigurasikan mouse-mu, termasuk sensor optik, pengaturan DPI, scroll dan akselerasi, pemrograman tombol, dan onboard memory. Aturlah keyboard-mu dengan Tombol G macro-ready, petakan ulang tombol individu, konfigurasikan multi-key binding, atau buatlah macro yang rumit.

Aturlah EQ khusus dan preferensi surround, per profil game. Tetapkan Tombol G di headset untuk permainan yang lebih cepat dan lebih akurat. Buatlah profil video dan kamera. Pengaturan disimpan dan diterapkan pada saat startup. Gantilah profil dalam sekejap mata. G HUB mengenali gear Logitech G milikmu yang didukung dan memberikan akses lengkap pada fitur kustomisasinya. G HUB secara otomatis memperbarui firmware. Pilihlah fitur, tetapkan macro dan key binding, buatlah color break dan animasi, semuanya dengan antarmuka yang sederhana dan intuitif.

Sekarang kamu dapat menyimpan beberapa profil karakter di dalam game dan berganti dalam sekejap mata. Dengan demikian, kekuatan dan kemampuan yang kamu perlukan akan selalu tersedia. Unduhlah profil dari sesama pemain, profesional gamer, streamer populer.

Cara yang mudah untuk mencoba mouse, keybind, dan macro baru untuk meningkatkan kinerja game-mu. Program tombol dengan aksi di dalam aplikasi dan buatlah macro-mu sendiri untuk menjalankan media dan berganti pemandangan. Gunakan gaming gear milikmu untuk mengambil alih OBS Studio agar dapat streaming lebih cepat dan mulus.

Ada beberapa cara bagi Anda untuk mempelajari G Hub selengkapnya. Anda bisa menemukan informasi selengkapnya di manual kami atau tonton ulasan cepat ini. Kami tidak meminta pemain untuk membuat akun agar dapat membuka fungsionalitas dasar perangkat Logitech G.

Namun, membuat akun akan mengaktifkan fitur seperti cloud saves dan kemampuan untuk mengunduh konten komunitas. Profil Default tidak bisa dihapus.

Bagaimana cara menghapus game atau aplikasi yang dimuat secara otomatis dari daftar profil? Aplikasi dan semua profil dan macro terkait akan dihapus. Jika game atau aplikasi masih terinstal, Anda bisa menonaktifkan penggantian profil. Untuk beberapa pengaturan, klik ikon kunci di samping pengaturan untuk mengunci pengaturan itu pada semua profil.Logitech G audio technology is purpose-built for the best gaming experience with enhanced precision, clarity, and immersion.

Logitech G audio technology is tuned for gaming performance with maximum soundscape accuracy. The driver flexes evenly to deliver intense, complex soundscapes with incredibly low distortion.

logitech g hub or gaming software

The result is bass that booms with maximum resonance and accuracy, and smooth, clear audio fidelity across a broader frequency range. DTS Headphone:X 2. Logitech G HUB gaming software unlocks deep audio customization features.

Select from a variety of pre-tuned EQ filters, or customize your own. Balance mic, sidetone, and input volume. Even fine-tune each of the 7. Set a unique audio profile for every game or app, and G HUB will automatically switch between them. Heightened immersion happens when you combine the clear audio fidelity of Logitech G headsets with Immerse — an AI engine by Embody that customizes audio to your unique ear shape.

Immerse harnesses the power of Cloud Computing and Artificial Intelligence to deliver truly immersive sound experiences uniquely crafted for your ears. Through an intuitive process of capturing your ear image, Immerse creates your Personalized Spatial Audio profile in under a minute and delivers the sound your ears are meant to hear.

Clear all filters. DTS Headphone: X 2. G HUB. Total Audio Control. More on G HUB. Crafted for Your Ears. Get the Immerse Story. Shop DTS 7. Sorry, no products match all those filters Please clear the filters and try again. G 7. G Wireless 7. G Wireless DTS 7.The Logitech G Hub peripheral management software looks good on your gaming device and is also very easy to use.

Logitech Gaming Software & G Hub Guide – How to use

But it would help if you had a learning guide to understand the methods and process of using the software properly.

Today, I will demonstrate the process of using the gaming software on your device correctly. So, read on to find the complete guide. The Logitech Gaming Software helps you manage your keyboard, mouse, and headset during gameplay. So, the question is, will it work properly? Developers and users of the software have confirmed that the application works well on any system that meets its requirements.

The software is still in the early access stage, but you can control all your Logitech gear in a few steps if you learn the process. So, here I have shared a few tips that will help you learn about the strategies developers of Logitech have used.

First, you need to install the software on your computer. So, you need to head to their official website or follow this link. And from the link, you will find the Download button. Then you can install the software like you install any other software on your computer. However, if you want to launch G Hub on your computer, you need to make sure that you install Logitech first. And then, G Hub will ask you if you would like to import settings from your gaming software or not. Since the two software runs the same hardware, if you keep the two installed on your computer, you will get confused.

Also, sometimes the software does not show you the settings prompt option. In that case, you have accidentally turned down the approval. But there is nothing to worry about as you can tap on the gear button and visit the settings menu and click on the Import All Profiles option. The main difference between G Hub and the other versions of the software is the way they handle profiles and sub-profiles. And from there, you have the option to choose which method you want that profile to program in.

Logitech gaming software Vs G hub: A to Z guide

Moreover, you can also create sub-profiles for each of the games and applications where you get to play different titles and characters. You can change the color profiles for your mouse, and that is depending on the games you are playing. And to do that, you need to click on the top of your G Hub, where you see the Active Profile option.

logitech g hub or gaming software

Now the software will open up another screen on your desktop from where you get the chance to open a new profile or sub-profile. And now, you can create on the plus symbol from the top to open a new profile. Both of these software work in the same way with your gaming profiles. The gaming software has been around for a while, and nowadays, it supports more gaming devices than ever.

And the modern UI is there to be compatible with more gaming devices than before. Logitech Gaming Software is more stable.

logitech g hub or gaming software

Logitech supports all the essential modern gaming devices and comes with various great features. When you set up your profiles and sub-profiles, you need to return to the main screen. From there, you need to click on the device you want to set tasks to. The whole process is pretty simple, and the customization buttons also help you alter lighting or great sensitivity settings for your keyboard and mouse.Logitech G HUB gives you a single portal for optimizing and customizing all your supported Logitech G gear: mice, keyboards, headsets, speakers, and webcams.

Configure your mouse, including the optical sensor, DPI settings, scroll and acceleration, button programming, and onboard memory.

Logitech G Advanced Audio Technology for Gaming

Set up your keyboard with macro-ready G Keys, remap individual keys, configure multi-key bindings, or create intricate macros. Set custom EQ and surround preferences, per game profile. Assign headset-mounted G Keys for faster, more precise play. Create camera and video profiles. Settings are stored and applied on startup. Switch profiles on the fly. G HUB recognizes your supported Logitech G gear, and gives you full access to their customization features. It automatically keeps firmware up to date.

Choose features, assign macros and key binding, create color breaks and animations, all with a simple, intuitive interface. Now you can save multiple character profiles within your games and switch on the fly. So the powers and abilities you need are always available. Download profiles from your fellow players, gaming pros and popular streamers.

Program buttons with in-app actions and create your own macros to launch media and switch scenes. Use your gaming gear to take command of OBS Studio for a faster and more seamless stream. There are multiple ways for you to learn more about G Hub. You can find more information in our manualor watch this quick overview. However, creating an account enables features like cloud saves and the ability to download community content. The Default profile cannot be deleted.

How can I delete an auto-loaded game or application from the list of profiles? The application and all its profiles and related macros will be deleted.

If the game or application is still installed, you can disable profile switching. For certain settings, click the lock icon next to the setting to lock that setting across all profiles. From the main screen, click through to the device you want to load onboard memory to. From there, click the gear settings icon. If the devices supports onboard memory profiles, you will be able to load profiles directly onto the device.

Please take a look at our G HUB manual or submit a ticket to support. It also adds new features not available in LGS, like third party actions, automatic firmware updates, a drag and drop interface, and the ability to scale the window. This ensures that our new gear is set up for the future, and allows us to develop new features not possible in LGS. LGS will still be available as a download for older devices, but it will not work with any new Logitech G gear.

Please see the list of supported products in the requirements section below.

Logitech Gaming Software: Rapid-Fire Macro Tutorial

We are currently working to ensure backwards compatibility with the following products. Our goal is to include support for these products by the end of We will continue to optimize G HUB over time and are working on exciting new features, incorporating fan favorites from LGS, and adding third party integrations with other applications.

This feedback goes straight to the software developers, so please keep on submitting your requests. G HUB Tips and tricks.

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