She would be required to use her own car. This is a part-time job for now, with a chance for full time down the road. My question is this, what would be some recommended models, to consider for this task? The car will take a beating for sure. The person who interviewed her recommended a Honda CR-V. What ever we decide, it has to have good tires, brakes and be safe. IE, control the car from the right side with the controls on the left??

No such thing. Perhaps you mean a car with the controls on the right? Like a car from the UK? Those are available but scarce. No, she has to somehow sit and deliver mail while operating the left-hand controls. Jeep Cherokees and Wranglers were offered with right hand drive for several years and might still.

And I have installed a right hand drive kit on several vehicles including Jeep Cherokees and run of the mill GM sedans and trucks. And of course it does have the Toyota reputation to fall back on. And furthermore, that is not how rural postal delivery works.

Rural mail carriers have done this for years. The best way of course is to get a right hand drive vehicle but for most of the rural mail drivers that I have seen…left hand vehicles are the most common. They just sit on the right and steer with their left hand.

All of the drivers training cars had a brake pedal on the right for the instructor. I saw one guy though with a sliding seat. It was a metal seat pad with the track mounted on the seat and he could just slide left and right. There must be some specialty supply outfits with some of these items around.

Definitively like the warning lights. One word of caution though is do the math. We have rural mail service and pickup trucks with full bench seats and automatic transmissions work fine. Our carrier did recently purchase a surplus mail truck with right side controls.

A bench seat will mean there is no console, leaving space to get her feet to the left side to control the pedals. She can also sit more in the middle than full right with the bench.

But that reduces the space on the front seat for the mail. It would be great to have space behind the front seat to store the mail that still offers easy access for delivery. With the bench seat and rear storage, she might be able to slide from side to side and sit on the left on long stretches between deliveries. Bench seat and automatic transmission is key. Sliding back and forth to when placing mail in the box is possible with this. For short hops between boxes, you can left-foot the brake and accelerator and left-hand steer.

Practice, a lot, before starting this on the route. Most any well maintained car or small SUV with a bench seat will suffice. Newspaper carriers in my old state used to swear by old GM A-wagons and sedans; Celebrity, Cutlass Ciera, Pontiac s but most of those, like Chrysler K-cars have disintegrated.This invention relates to mail trays for use in containing a bundle of sorted mail, and more particularly to a portable mail delivery tray for use inside the mail delivery vehicle of a rural mail carrier for retaining a bundle of sorted mail in order.

The United States Postal Service employs thousands of rural mail carriers to deliver the mail to its patrons residing in rural areas of the country.

The rural mail boxes are located by the side of the road so that the rural mail carrier may make his deliveries while remaining seated in his motor vehicle. In addition to delivering mail, the rural mail carrier also picks up the mail a patron has left in the mail box as well as selling stamps and money orders. The rural main carrier has only a small area adjacent to him in his motor vehicle to organize all these items in such a fashion that he can handle all mail transactions efficiently from the driver's seat of his vehicle.

Many rural mail carriers presently place all these items on the passenger side of the vehicle's seat, while others rely on a number of separate containers, such as cardboard boxes or the like, to segregate and organize the mail and other items handled by the mail carrier. In either event, the sorted mail to be delivered is normally tied into separate bundles to retain them in the correct order. In placing an untied bundle of mail in a container for delivery, the envelopes often get out of the original sorted order because of the movement of the vehicle and the items must be repositioned at each stop so that the mail carrier may check the addressee on each envelope.

A need has thus arisen for a mail delivery tray for use by rural mail carriers which is portable and can be placed on the driver's seat while the mail carrier is making his rounds. In accordance with a preferred embodiment of the invention, a platform dimensioned to fit on a passenger seat of an automobile includes an upwardly extending rear wall.

The rear wall supports the upper edge of a substantially planar inclined member sloping downwardly towards the front edge of the tray, oriented to the front of the vehicle. A front wall extends upwardly from the platform and a side member extends transversely along the side of the inclined member. A bundle of sorted mail items is aligned on the inclined member with the front wall and transverse wall positioned for aligning the mail.

The mail items are sorted such that the driver may see at a glance from the driver's seat the address of the first to be delivered mail items at the top of the inclined stack proximate the rear seat with the last to be delivered mail items next to the front wall. A restraining means extending from the rear wall to the front wall is attachable over the top of the bundle of sorted mail items to retain them in proper order during movement of the vehicle.

In addition, a number of compartments are attached to the transverse member of the main delivery tray, said compartments being partitioned and dimensioned to hold stardard size envelopes, stamps, money orders and change.

In an alternate embodiment of the present invention, the compartments may be left off the mail delivery tray to provide a more compact, lighter weight portable mail delivery tray. A better understanding of the invention and its advantages can be seen in the following description of the figures and preferred embodiment. A portable mail delivery tray of the present invention is illustrated in FIG. The tray 10 is illustrated in one position upon the front seat 12 of an automobile operated by a rural main carrier.

Of course, the mail tray 10 may be positioned in any orientation desired by main carrier, e. The mail delivery tray 10 is dimensioned to fit between the front edge 14 and the rear edge 16 of the seat Find jobs Company reviews Find salaries.

Upload your resume. Review this company. Job Title. United States 39 reviews.

mail trays for rural carriers

Ratings by category. Sort by. Helpfulness Rating Date. English Any. Good place to get a start. Working at post-office is a great place for a person getting a first time job. Pay is good but hours are limited until you are hired full time. Be patient and take the time to learn the job.

mail trays for rural carriers

Was this review helpful? Yes No. Share Tweet. Copy link. Fast paced and efficient work environment. The United States Postal Service was an eye-opening experience for me. I had very little knowledge of how laborious delivering the mail could be. It is an elected position to be a Union Steward. I was very fortunate for my peers to elect me to protect their jobs when necessary. Customer satisfaction. Great place to work.

You use your own vehicle for rural routes. Delivering mail and packages consist of driving on paved and dirt roads. Using your own motor vehicle.

Part time work. Enjoyed work, and the good people I worked with, only reason for leaving was an unknown regulation on rehired government annuitants. Truly enjoyed working with the public customers and fellow associates. You are responsible for the safe and efficient disbursement, delivery and collection of the U. Its a warehouse type of environment. Must be able to lift up to 70lbs.

Yes 3 No. Leave a review.Guidelines for when customers hand outgoing, prepaid mail, to a carrier; often referred to as collection service. Collection Service often refers to prepaid mail deposited in a collection box. However, it is also considered collection service when customers hand their outgoing, prepaid mail to a carrier or other designated employee while that employee is performing normal delivery and collection duties. Letter carriers can pick up mail as they make their deliveries if the flag is up.

Go to USPS. Skip all page navigation. Skip all category navigation links USPS. Sign In. FAQs Home. How can we help? Search for a topic. Share via email. Outgoing Mail Pickup Guidelines for when customers hand outgoing, prepaid mail, to a carrier; often referred to as collection service. Information Article Number.

U.S. Postal Caps

Customer Information. Outgoing mail may be handed to the letter carrier if: Correct postage has been applied to the item It falls within the size and weight restrictions of the class.

These items cannot be be picked up by a letter carrier or deposited in a collection box. The customer does not need a stamped or dated receipt for the item The pickup amount may be limited by equipment and vehicle limitations. All mail picked up by letter carriers must comply with normal weight, size and mailing restrictions.

No Labels Customer Information 2. Customer Information 3. Customer Information 4. Customer Information 5. Additional Info Attachment Related Information. Related Articles What is Package Pickup? Delayed mail and packages? Missing Mail - The Basics.About Newsletter. Facebook Twitter Pinterest Instagram. This guide includes tips and tricks from carriers across the country. General Tips Expand. If asked to do something that is not part of your job carrying city mail, clerk work, etc.

Then, you can grieve it with proof and hopefully get paid. If you get hurt on the job report it right away, do not wait to see if you feel better in a day or two. Remember to leave your problems at home.

Never let it affect your job in dealing with your customers. Always wave at your customers and say hello. Get them familiar with you and it will help you with problems down the road. Know who your Union District Representatives and Assistant District representatives are and the numbers to reach them. Click here to find them. Know your Weingarten rights. Read your PO and know what you job includes, Know that your is what increases and decreases your route time. Office Tips Expand. Make a copy of your leave slips before you turn them in!

If all mail is the same size, make the last piece one of a different color. Keep everything in your case organized, try to make a habit of putting things in the same place so they are easy to find when you need them. Use small yard sale stickers on the case over the address of boxes that are vacant,holds, or forwards for the whole box. Lets the sub know not to take any mail out for that box. Use a highlight colored dot next to addresses you do not deliver packages to for whatever the reason is…to far, dogs, etc Use different colored markers to mark packages.

You could try pulling down from the end of the route to the beginning. The flip voids the need to go thru the mail again. Once you get the hang of it, it could save you close to 15 min per day with all factors considered.Postal Things Inc. This system comes complete with all that is required to do the right hand drive conversion.

Install-it-yourself or have one of our associate distributors complete the installation for you. Either way, your RHD conversion will become a very efficient rural route vehicle for the postal letter carrier. Our RHD conversion kits are fully guaranteed for as long as you own your rural route vehicle so there is no need to worry when you purchase a right hand drive conversion kit from Postal Things, Inc.

The Flip Window provides comfort and protection in all weather conditions for the rural letter carrier.

It is just the thing for both the right hand drive conversion and factory right hand drive Jeep Cherokees. Please give us a call for availability and to order one for your vehicle. We offer custom Mail Trays and complete sign and magnetic door protector packages. Please phone or email us for more information about right hand drive conversions and news of other new products being developed for the rural postal carrier.

We are also working to make right hand drive conversions and other products available for other makes and models of vehicles to be converted to RHD. Call us to order a RHD conversion kit and have it shipped to you, or come and see us and enjoy standard services with a professional installation. For more information or to schedule a day for your conversion, just give us a call at 1.

Serving the rural route carrier. Enjoy all of our standard services: Easy access to major highway I Many motels only 2 miles away Same day turnaround on all standard conversions We provide you with a vehicle to drive during the conversion Many tourist attractions like the Tennessee Aquarium, etc.Resources to teach you how your characters could pay bills in between demon-slaying and time-travel.


Ask Questions, Get Answers? Announcements Random Job. Submit Your Job! That means I substitute for full time rural carriers. I work for the USPS. First, being a rural carrier is different from being a city carrier. I deliver mail predominantly outside of city limits. I use my own car, not an LLV those white boxy trucks. I do not have a uniform, but must adhere to a dress code.

City carriers, rural carriers, and mail clerks all have separate unions. I am paid based on how long my route is supposed to take called the evaluation or evaluated timenot how long I actually take.

mail trays for rural carriers

City carriers are paid based on how long they take. Now, on to what I actually do. The first thing that any mail carrier has to do upon arriving at the office is back into the loading dock. We must honk at least twice before we begin to back. This is the area where we organize our mail before going out on our route.

Carrier Products

The case is a set of shelves with slots, each marked with last name and address number of each home we deliver mail to. We sign in on a sheet displayed on our case. We use the twenty-four hour clock. After this, the real work begins. Depending on where you work, the flats may come in route order. So I have to look at each address and place them in the appropriate slot.

The flats come in tubs, which I have to put away in the stack before moving on. They are organized into route order by a machine in the main distribution center in a larger city.

All but the very smallest offices have the benefit of the letters being placed in route order. The DPS is sent to us in trays with routing tags on one end, upon emptying each try I have to remove the tag and put the tray away. Most commonly these are business mail junk mail in normal parlance that have a non-existent name and address that would be on the route, or for some reason they had to be handled by hand.

Each item that is undeliverable must be marked with why. Missent wrong town and missthrows right town, wrong route are also put in the throwback case. UBBM is made up only of standard mail: advertisements, letters from non-profits, non-subscription magazines, or mass mailings. I then case the items from my gray tray and any from my hot case. I have to sign for these items and when I return to the office I have to put back my dog spray, keys, and scanner.

Then I must account for the certifieds and express mail items I had, either by presenting a delivery receipt or bringing the item back saying that I left notice because I was unable to deliver it. Accountable mail items must be scanned and signed for, so if no one is home I have to leave notice instead.

Lastly, I organize my parcels. Large ones that I will have to leave at the door, and small ones that I will most likely be able to put in the mail box. While doing this I check for any that may need to be signed for, such as international parcels. I also check for parcels which I know I will have to leave notice for, due to gates, guard dogs, or instructions not to leave parcels. I go back to my case, after checking my hot case one more time and retrieve all of the hold mail and put them on a marked shelf indicating whose mail it is, when they will return, and whether they will pick up the accumulated mail or if I have to deliver it when they get back.

mail trays for rural carriers

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